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With over 100 years of experience in the design and manufacture of transformers, we offer modern and reliable voltage conversion solutions with maximum efficiency and safety for all segments of the electrical network.

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We follow the comprehensive approach to solve any client's tasks. This is driven by our extensive expertise and the advanced manufacturing processes.

Our Production

We conduct an in-person or online consultation with the client, identify problem areas and "pains" of the delivery, and after that we draw up a plan for further work.

Analysis of the specifics of the customer's energy sector allows us to guarantee 100% integration of our equipment into the overall process.

The design takes place in several stages, at each of which we agree on the technical parameters with the customer. Individual approach to every customer secures fully taylor-made products which perfectly fits customer technical requirements.

Having a flexible system of built-up production processes, we can supply equipment in any composition and sequence - production is adjusted to the terms and requirements of the customer.

All the produced products are inspected under quality control to provide highest level of quality. Routine tests according to standard are obligatory..

If we deliver on our own, we use all possible insurances, guaranteeing the supply of equipment in proper quality.

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