Testing Laboratory

The Electrical Testing Laboratory is the official holder of “Certificate of Accreditation” for selected types of tests. Our laboratory is registered under No.1526. by the Czech Accreditation Institute.

The Electrical Testing Laboratory meets all the criteria specified in Methodical Accreditation Instruction MPA 00 – 09 – 13 “Flexible Accreditation Scope. This flexibility was awarded to the Electrical Testing Laboratory. In connection with the awarded flexibility scope, E.T.L. keeps so-called “Dynamically updated Appendix of Certificate of Accreditation” version.

The Electrical Testing Laboratory (E.T.L.) offers a wide range of accredited and non-accredited tests. Our customers are made up of dozens of minor and major manufacturers of power equipment and traction equipment components from all parts of Europe. Most orders have come from manufacturers of safety cut-out and switching devices, chokes, resistors, transformers, rotating electric machines, compressors and switchgears.

We complete developmental and type tests of power supply and traction equipment for both DC and AC (50 Hz and 16 2/3 Hz) systems and developmental and type tests of LV and HV switching equipment and switchgears, especially:

  • Temperature-rise tests and loss measurement
  • Tests of making and breaking capacity
  • Short-circuit resistance tests
  • Dielectric tests (DC voltage, AC voltage 50 Hz, lightning and switching impulses and partial discharge measurement)
  • Corrosion tests per ČSN EN ISO 9227, ČSN EN ISO 11997-1
  • Climatic tests per ČSN EN 60068-2-52, ČSN 34 5791-2-52
  • Insulator material tests
  • Liquid insulators per ČSN EN 60156, ČSN EN 60247
  • Solid insulators per ČSN IEC 93, ČSN EN IEC 345, ČSN IEC 60243-1, ČSN IEC 25
  • Mechanical tests per ČSN EN ISO 6892-1, ČSN EN ISO 6892-2, ČSN EN ISO 527, ČSN EN ISO 178
  • Measuring dissipation factor tg δ and permittivity εr of both solid and liquid insulators
  • Measurement of insulation resistance, nominal and surface electric conductance
  • Sheet metal nominal losses during alternating magnetization (scope B = 1 – 2 Tesla)
  • Measuring the average viscometer polymerisation grade (PPS), etc.
  • Oil tests (tg δ, εr, ρv, ...)

Measuring equipment:

  • Two power analyzers LEM NORMA and FLUKE
  • Set of 2-channel and 4-channel HP and Agilent Technologies and KEYSIGHT oscilloscopes
  • Ultrasonic flowmeter PORTAFLOW MKII, Micronics
  • Cyclical corrosion chamber ASCOTT CC1000IP
  • Freezing chamber to -40°C
  • Series of electrical furnaces up to 900°C
  • System for temperature and low voltage measurement EPAD, Dewetron
  • Wireless temperature measuring system MWTC made by Omega
  • Infrared camera FLIRi3
  • Epstein’s apparatus MPV1
  • Schering bridge, TETTEX AG Instruments
  • Set of multimeters, barometers, anemometers, thermometers, hygrometers, conductivity meters, force gauge, etc.

Machinery equipment:

  • Synchronous generator 25 MVA (short-circuit version)
  • Synchronous generator 800 kVA
  • Two short-circuit transformers 3,500 kVA and 20 MVA
  • Diode rectifier 4 kV/2,000 A
  • Electroplating dynamo 15 V/5,000 A
  • Two dynamos 25 V/1,000 A
  • Two DC motors 800 V/2,500 A
  • Set of DC and AC HV switches
  • Impulse generators, 400 and 2,000 kV
  • Set of AC 50 Hz power supply units up to 120 kV
  • Set of DC stabilized power supply units STATRON, CATA POWER, etc.