Furnace transformers

Furnace transformers

Transformers with output up to 80 MVA for powering of electric furnaces.


Electric furnace transformers are part of electro-thermal installations, such as electric furnaces and electric heating devices, used for producing ferrous, non-ferrous and rare metals and their alloys with given properties.

The specifics of operation, modes of operation and technical requirements make these transformers a separate class of power transformers.

The most significant features of electric furnace transformers are:

·       LV currents can be in the tens of thousands of amperes

·       Numerous ignitions and arc interruptions on the electrodes in arc furnaces cause abrupt changes in the current in furnace transformers, resulting in electrodynamic effects and overvoltages in the windings

·       Frequent switching by HV-side circuit breakers, especially with vacuum arc-quenching chambers in on-load tap-changers, are also sources of overvoltages

All these factors impose additional requirements on the design of furnace transformers.

ETD produce electric furnaces transformers with output up to 80 MVA.